"Because most of us learned more about Alexander Hamilton from the play than our textbooks."

Tiny Broadway is a virtual play-date platform for kids to experience immersive learning through art. We specialize in kids aged 3-15 and have a variety of play-dates for parents to choose from. Our platform features accomplished artists, theatre actors, singers, magicians, puppeteers, and storytelling experts. 


Through a monthly subscription, parents signup their children for play-dates with a performer of their choice. Play-dates take place via our video conferencing app or Zoom. 


Each play-date includes no more than 6 kids to ensure an interactive and immersive learning experience with the play-date session lead. With Tiny Broadway, parents can feel confident their child is developing essential soft skills in a fun play-date environment. 


Tiny Broadway’s mission is to ensure all kids develop essential skills like empathy, curiosity and courage to become tomorrow’s leaders and change makers. Our curated list of accomplished artists and childhood educators have designed sessions to make learning these essential skills fun and interactive.